I was most impressed with your work in the Year 5 and 6 class regarding our PHSE topic on Life Skills. The children have really enjoyed the activities and not only have they found them fun, it has helped them to think more carefully about the challenges and difficulties they may face in the next few years of their lives and given them strategies to overcome them. The worksheets have helped them to focus on the next steps along life’s journey.

It has been good watching you build up a good professional and working relationship with the children and the staff at the school and I feel the children would now be quite comfortable coming to you with any difficulties or ‘problems’ they may be experiencing.

Thank you for sharing your skills in our school

Every Blessing

Mrs C. Pearson



“Kev’s skills as a mentor are creative, thoughtful and life changing.”
Jerry Mills
“Team Leader – Aviva”
“I love working with Kevin, he is inspiring.”

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