Dormant Dreams

Dormant Dreams

I’m not a flower person but I love poppies. I love to see them in their vibrant,
vivacious flamboyant gentle dance in the wind. They brighten up the fields and

Most people just think of red poppies but poppies come in a vast array of
colours. Red Poppies are synonymous with Remembrance Day. White Poppies are a
symbol of peace. Poppies are quite useful in various arenas of life. Poppy seeds are
used in cooking and baking. Some poppies produce opiates that are used in some

However the most fascinating fact about poppies for me is all about the
seeds. Poppy seeds can buried deep in the ground for years and do nothing, then
SUDDENLY they burst in to life. I know not the reason or rhyme for this but what a
brilliant picture it is for us. Many people have dreams or goals for life but often they
are forgotten, buried deep within. Those dreams are nothing but a seed with no life
and nothing growing. Maybe it has been such a long time that it is all but forgotten,
just a vague distant whisper. Maybe you have been repeatedly told that dream will
never happen. Maybe you have been told over and over that you don’t have the skills
or talent to see that goal or dream become a reality. It then just crumbles never given
the opportunity to grow. Maybe people laughed at your dream or told you; “You could
never do that”. Or, “You are worthless and your dreams are stupid”. What ever the
reason, it is something that hinder, stunts or stops growth. For far too many people
their dreams remain dead or dormant to them and won’t have any possibility to grow
and bloom into some thing beautiful.

So let me ask you what dormant dreams are buried deep within you?

Do you want to hear some fantastic news?

Of course you do.

YOUR DREAMS DON’T HAVE TO STAY DORMANT ANY LONGER. You can start believing in them once again or
start believing that you can achieve these goals and dreams. You can bring about
that “SUDDENLY” burst of life by Cultivating and Nurturing your dreams so that they
can grow and bloom. Water your dreams. Feed your dreams and let their life fill your
life until your dreams are like those beautiful flowers dancing in the wind.