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G.R.E.A.T. Kids Main Prog:


THE G.R.E.A.T. Kids programme is a 5 Week programme ideally suited for in school lesson time or an after school club. I could also take the school assembly on the same day to introduce the session’s theme. G.R.E.A.T. Kids can be used in Youth Clubs or Youth Services. However for optimum results it is best if the same kids attend the all the sessions.


G = GOAL Identify goals and categorize until you have the main goal.

R = REALITY What has been done so far and is the goal achievable?

E = EVALUATE OPTIONS What are the options the client can take?

A = ACTION PLAN Set out practical steps to achieve the goal and establish a time line for these to be completed.

T = TIME TRAVEL Set the time line for the steps to attaining their goal to be completed. Also have a glimpse into the future of what achieving their goal could look like.

Other GREAT Sessions:

# Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Self Image and Self Esteem and how totally unique there are as a person.

# The Hulk within – Dealing with Anger.

# Chillax – How to deal with Stress, Worry and how to relax.

# Fear Not – Boot out Fear.

# GREAT KIDS are M.A.D. – Making a difference.

# I like to move it – Transition between new homes, schools, school years, into collage/Uni.

# GREAT = Gotta Run Every Adventure Together. These team building sessions will enable classes, groups, teams, or colleagues to work together. The acronym was made by the kids of Emmanuel school Derby.

# The Greatest Kids. A 3 month in depth Mentoring prog which includes weekly 1 hour session with tons of motivational support and regular parent reports.

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