What is a Life Coach?


A Life Coach enables an individual, a group or teams to move from where they are now to a future goal through a process of identification, exploration and clear committed action plan.

Principles of coaching:

  • Action-oriented:The Life Coach in unison with the client aims to create change and practical results outside of the coaching environment.

  • Empowering: The Life Coach should ultimately leave the client with greater skills of self-management, and boost their self-esteem.

  • Results-driven:Coaching needs to be measurable by focusing on clearly defined goals and outcomes.

  • Non-advisory:The Life Coach encourages the client to dig deeper for their own solutions, recognizing that the coach does not have the right answers.

  • Non-judgemental:The Life Coach ceases to judge the decisions or actions of the client but instead creates dialogue that enables self-scrutiny.

  • Equal:The relationship between coach and client is one of mutual respect and trust with a shared ambition to generate the desired results.

A life Coach:

  • Brings clarity to the client.

  • Doesn’t accept excuses but also doesn’t judge.

  • Establishes goals and allows the client to focus on one main goal at a time.

  • Explores options & reality by Active Listening and Key Focused Questioning.

  • Like a map a Life Coach identifies and draws out the steps needed to be taken and reveals a clear path of where to go.

  • Builds and enhances self confidence and self esteem in the client.

  • Encourages and re-assures the client in their journey towards their goal.

  • Encourages the client to reach their maximum potential.

  • Focuses on the future & the goal and how to get there.

  • Challenges and overcomes the negative paradigm mind sets or practical hindrances which block motivation and goal achievement.

  • Enables the client to take ownership of their actions.

  • Enables the client to develop greater skills to set goals and an action plan more effectively.

  • And so much more.

One Response to Mentoring/Coaching

  1. Pearly Vroman says:

    With the help of coaching, a completely new light can be thrown on different aspects of personal as well as professional life. Coaching will contribute in making effective decisions. The capability of thinking will be enhanced. Coaching can improve interpersonal abilities. And an increase in confidence is an undoubted advantage of taking up personal coaching. The level of productivity can increase multifold through coaching. It will help in bringing about satisfaction in the personal as well as professional lives.,..*..

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