My other passion is writing. I am a prolific writer. I have written articles, books and screenplays. Writing samples sent on request.


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I have also written a movie making themed Holiday Club/VBS resource book: “Movie Madness” which is available directly from me. Cost £8.50 including postage. Please Contact Us about this.


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My Books -

Movie Madness

Holiday Club/VBS Resource Book for 5 – 11 year olds.

If you dream of becoming the next Spielberg or a movie Star, here is a great place to begin. Enter into the world of movie making. Movie Madness is designed to be a fast-paced, fun programme with a strong element of teaching about God’s love, salvation and transformation by being with Jesus Christ.

Everyday there’s the opportunity to discover the whole plan of God’s fantastic love and transforming power.

Power Words

Teaching Bible Memory Verses to Kids.

Sunday School Teachers, Children’s Ministry Workers and Parents, you can: Revolutionize Your Bible Teaching to Kids by Unleashing the Raw Energy of the Power Words.

Are you stuck in a rut teaching Bible memory verses to kids? Are you doing the same thing, week in, week out? Do the kids just learn by rote and mind numbing repetition, bored with the memory verse each week? When it’s your turn to do the memory verse, do you shudder with dread, and moan, “Oh No!” Do you crave ideas about making teaching memory verses to kids more fun and exciting? Maybe you are doing a great job and have many ideas already but just want even more! Well don’t worry the cavalry is here for whatever situation you are in. Ideas galore abound in this book. The ideas are set out under 100 headings, most of them followed by additional ideas and variations. So even if you did one idea a week you still have enough ideas for 3 – 4 years without having to repeat yourself. This book will present ideas to you that range from the simple to the more complex but never too difficult for you the teachers or the kids to do. Some ideas involve working in teams or as a whole group. Others are for each individual kid to do. So off you go and run wild with these ideas, use them; adapt them, add to them.

This book is an invaluable resource book for all children workers.

Freedom from being “On Hold”

Have you ever been “On Hold”? I’m sure you have. For most people this is usually a frustrating time. Just sitting there waiting and waiting. What can you do? Hang up you don’t get to speak to a real person in real time. If you hang up and phone back you are placed at the end of the queue and start all over again. You are trapped in “Hold Limbo”! It’s a complete waste of your time. Well now is the time to rise up and “Take Hold of Your Destiny”. “Hold On” to hope because we can “Hold Out” and win against “The Holders”. Now “The Holders” don’t have any “Hold Over” you because you can redeem back your time. This book has 501 ideas and suggestions to do while on hold. Some are practical, others sublime and the rest downright ridiculous. Don’t forget to listen for the real live person to answer the phone. Don’t miss them or you will have to go back and start all over again. And we DON”T want that do we? So put the phone on “Speaker Phone”, and make good use your redeemed time.

This book is a light hearted look at the frustrations of being put on hold. It is best to dip in and out of this book rather than blasting all the way through it in one sitting. You will get the humour more enjoy it more that way.

A “Seemples” Gospel

This booklet is a comparison between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Aleksandr Orlov the Meerkat of ‘Compare the Market/Meerkat’ insurance campaign. It draws out some wonderful points and shows that the Gospel really is a “Seemples” Gospel.


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