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      It is very clear that young people have G.R.E.A.T potential, I recognise this and aim to see it released through them. My desire is to see young lives transformed into improved, restored and worthy lives. Through the GREAT Kids programme I shall motivate young people to do GREAT THINGS, to “Seize Their Day”. I want to eliminate the myth that only a select, privileged few have these opportunities.

G.R.E.A.T Kids Life Coaching Programme is a programme which will enable that to happen.

      Young people today feel that they are viewed negatively by those in authority, the media and increasingly their parents. We are told there are many reasons for this, ranging from the breakdown of the family unit and the decline of good values in this country.

      Whatever the reasons, this has bred a generation of children who are falling into depression, worry and rebellion and who feel they have no hope for the future. This has resulted in many young people opting out of society as a whole, creating peer groups which are both destructive to them selves and do nothing to change the view of those who already view them adversely.

      Through GREAT Kids I want to hit this full on by seeing young lives transformed. GREAT Kids will empower and equip young people with the knowledge that they CAN make positive informed decisions and have options and choices to take control of their lives. My aim is to equip people with the knowledge to establish goals and understand various ways to move forward in achieving those goals.

      GREAT Kids endeavours to create an environment that builds and enhances the relationship with parents, teachers and others to encourage them to work alongside each other.

      G.R.E.A.T Kids are M.A.D. That is once the kids realise that they are GREAT then they will be M.A.D – Making a Difference in their lives, their families, their groups, their schools and their communities.

     The G.R.E.A.T Kids Life Coach programme is ideal for individuals, classes, groups, teams, kids clubs and youth groups.

Kev Hill of Great Kids Life Coach is honoured to be working along side Brilliant Derby. The concept is simple: To change and transform a whole town starting with the children. More details can be found on their FB page.



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